All about MPOS global

What is an MPOS global?

Basically it is a global payments’ Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPOS) solution that offers flexible and innovative card payments from whichever place the customers are. The biggest benefit is that the customers do not have to be at the shop to carry out the payments. The next thing is that it is very easy to set-up. Our MPOS card reader and the mobile app converts an ordinary tablet or smartphone into a device that accepts card by using data connection or Wi-Fi.

Features of MPOS global

The big thing is that it is portable and affordable. But there are many additional features of our MPOS global systems that make them prominent from the other EPOS systems. These features include:

  • Versatile: It supports many kinds of cards, including magnetic strip cards, EMV and other big card brands
  • Security: The card reader of any mobile device doesn’t store the card data. This makes them very secure for all kinds of transactions and payments.
  • Paperless: The MPOS systems sends the receipts electronically, thus saving the cost of paper and making it easier to keep records.
  • Interactive: The merchants can view transactions in real-time from anywhere by means of the online administration portal.

Benefits of MPOS global

For Customers

Customers can benefit from such a system in the following ways:

  • The multiple payment and shipping methods provide a convenient shopping experience
  • Speeds up the transactions and the order processing
  • Enables the customers to use discounts and promotions both offline as well as online
  • Correct pricing and information is displayed on multiple sales channels at the same time

For Business Owners

  • Makes inventory forecasts in a much better and accurate manner
  • Data is updated easily and instantly with each transaction and purchase
  • The tier staff permissions contribute to lesser theft by the staff
  • Can provide insightful reports by keeping a record of the business performance
  • The manual process take a lot of time and have chances of mistakes, this reduces both of these.
  • Multiple sales channels can be managed from a single place and the business operations are centralized and computerized

Quick and Easy Set up

One of the biggest things is that setting up an MPOS global system is very easy and quick for the shop owners.  In addition to this, it is user-friendly, so the customers can easily understand and cope with it. This provides ease to the shop owners as well as the customers. The steps to set up the MPOS include:

  1. The first step is connecting the card reader to your tablet or smartphone
  2. The next step is to swipe or insert your card on the secure reader and type the transaction amount
  3. The final step is that the cardholder signs on the screen of the connected tablet or the smartphone. And then a receipts is sent to the cardholder via SMS or email.

For the expansion of your business and a dramatic increase in profits, get our MPOS global!