What is Point of Sale System and working of POS System:

MPOS System - Best Point of Sale System for Small Businesses

Point of sale(POS) system:

A point of sale system helps us to record the data about our sales, purchases and other mediums which are included in any business. Basically it is a platform on which we calculate our all data according to our business requirements. There are several types of point of sale (POS) system depending upon the business requirements.  

Which POS system suit your business:

There are several types of Point of sale systems. So on the basis of your business category, it required a specific POS system. For example, you have a simple platform to find out about sales and purchase of your goods, then it requires a simple management system (POS) for it.

Then here a question arises which POS system is best for your business. Then depending upon the size of your industry, business or management area, there are different POS systems to manage their requirements.

How your POS system work:

If you want to know how a POS system works. Then here we will tell complete detail about how a POS system work in point give bellow:

  1. Customer want to buy product:

First requirement is that you need a customer who wants to buy your product. This is a simple   point that we all know that without any customer, we cannot buy our products. And if our products could not sell, then our business will be destroyed. So first of all a POS system gets their customer requirements for which type of products he/she wants from you.

  1. POS system calculate price of product:

Now when your customer tells you about which type of products they want from you, then your POS system will get details about products. And then calculate the amount of products and then give the total amount of product to the customer about the products they want from you

  1. Customer pay:

Then after this, customers receive the details about the products they need from you. Know he gets a slip from your point of sale (POS) system about the products and their price. Then after receiving this, he pays the total amount of products he buys from you. Your POS system will receive this amount.

  1. End of transaction:

Know after following all these steps, you get your required products and your point of sale (POS) receive amount from you about these products. Then, your transaction becomes end and your POS system successfully does your work. It has received payment and sent product to the required people.

So these are some steps, which have been followed by your POS system to make your transection very easy and also helps you in your business.

POS system in form of hardware and software:

All types of businesses need software POS systems but not all businesses need POS in hard form.


If you are doing an online line business then you need a POS system in soft form like an online banking system to make your transaction easily.


If you are doing physical business such as general store, then you need a POS system in hard form such as a calculator, register to note your transaction or computer or tablets to calculate your sales and payments.