What is a good price of an EPOS System?

epos system prices uk

When one knows about the features of EPOS system and the benefits it would provide to their business, more questions arise in their minds. Their brains automatically switch to the question that how much a good EPOS system would cost them? Or how much price they have to pay in order to extract all the benefits of an EPOS system? These questions need to be answered before moving further and going towards the actual buying of an EPOS system. This article would tell you about EPOS system prices UK to help you decide which EPOS system is good for you and the ways you can benefit from it.

The first thing is the components of an EPOS system. If you know which components you need for your store, you would easily be able to determine the total expenditure. An EPOS system is composed of hardware and software components. You can choose such kind of EPOS system that integrates with the hardware components at your store rather than getting all of them fresh from the market. This would definitely save you money as well as the headache to start up new devices and understand their working.

The price of an EPOS system can range from zero to £10,000 a year, it depends upon your usage, and the type of EPOS system you get for your retail store and how well you operate it. Here is a rough estimate for epos system prices uk that would definitely help you in finding the one that fits into your budget:

  • The hardware per till point can cost you between £600 and £900+vat
  • To cover for support, software and payment processing, you will have to pay 1.5% (if your plans are to earn less than £10,000/month) and 1% (if your plans are to earn more than £10,000/month) of your total card revenue.

These are not the exact statistics, but are just to give you a rough idea of the whole thing. There are three things worth considering, the POS hardware, POS software and the payment processing method.

EPOS hardware

There are many things that count in the POS hardware including the cash drawer, receipt printer and stand. The price range starts from £600 and it can go as high as the components you need for your store. If you need a Bluetooth printer, a scanner, a fancy stand, then you will have to pay £700 to £900. If you need more printers, then it would cost you £200 to £300 for each printer you add to the list.

EPOS software

There are many different kinds of software available for you to get, some software can be downloaded straight from the App Store, while you have to get some of them from the service providers’ store. The rough estimate is between £30 and £50 for each screen. Some smart systems have price starting at £100.

Payment processing

Different payment processing terminals cost you a different amount of money. Their price depends upon the money you make out of them.

Knowing about the standard epos system prices uk is a good way to determine which EPOS system is right for you. Do not always go for the cheapest option, always choose the best option and go for our MPos system.