Pos System Price

Pos System Price

The overall POS system price depends upon a number of factors. It is determined by the kind of POS system you need for your business and the size of the POS system. The components of the POS system are a very important factor that contribute in determining the POS system price. The size of your shop is also one of the determining factors. The parts of a POS system are divided into two, one is the hardware components and the other one is the software.

The usual kind of hardware would cost you £1,000-£1,500 for each till in addition to the software subscription. It would come at £30-£120 per month, all including VAT. If you need a custom-built till coming with a PC touchscreen, then it would cost you pay £2,000-£5,000 for each till.

Here is the price of individual components of the POS system and the cost you will have to pay for each component.

  1. POS software

There are two major types of POS software, a cloud-based software and an onsite software. Both of these come with their own benefits at their own pricing. These days, the commonly offered software have monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual pay net plans. You will have to pay lower monthly costs if you pay more upfront. The other factors that determine price are its features, levels of customer support and the sectors it covers.

The Hospitality POS software deals complex orders, coordination of table service and the ingredients. This make it more expensive, so you have to pay monthly £50-£120 (including VAT) per till. Next is the retail software that is made for vendor management and complex product inventories. Each month, it costs you about £30-£110 (including VAT) for each till you get.

  • Hardware components

There are many hardware components, you may not get all of them as it depends upon your budget and your needs.  It is helpful to select a POS system that integrates your old hardware with the new software, thus requiring you to buy lesser new hardware components.

  • POS interface: It can be a tablet or a touchscreen monitor. The price list goes below:
  • Android tablet: £70-£500
  • Regular iPad: £320-£600
  • Supermarket-style displays: about £2,750
  • Touchscreen PC monitor coming with a hard drive: £720-£1,320
  • Cash drawer: A regular and secure cash drawer would cost you between £40 and £120 including VAT. A cash register with an inbuilt receipt printer would cost you approximately £360.
  • Receipt printers: There are different kinds of receipt printers. The stationary receipt printers for fixed till pints cost you between £120 and £420. While the portable ones come at a cost between £200 and £600.  
  • Barcode scanners: The usual barcode scanners come at £12-£760 including VAT while the ones that can even scan QR codes would cost you £30-£72 with VAT.
  • Card terminals: The price of card terminals vary from device to device and their functionality. The regular card terminals cost you between £23 and £71.

This is just a rough estimate for pos system price, the exact kind of POS system that you need for your business will determine the exact price of the POS system. MPos system is the most affordable kind of POS system made for retailers by the retailers.