Retail POS System

retail pos system

A Peek into the Kinds of Retail POS System

There are many kinds of POS systems available out there and choosing the right one is not an easy thing. The components of POS hardware and software are also a determining factor to finding the best retail POS system for any business. The software available is of many types and there are various hardware components available. You must look at the needs of your business and your resources before choosing any particular POS system.

Types of POS Software

The POS software is the thing that determines the functionality and the features of the whole POS system. There are various kinds of POS software available, the prices of which depend upon the number of point of sales you are going to have and the operating system. You can choose from charge up-front and pre-configuration fees and you may choose to pay monthly installments, depending upon your budget.

Here are the types of POS software widely available in the market:

Terminal POS software: POS till systems such as MPos system are basically designed for large companies that have multiple transaction terminals to carry out the payments and have heavy server loads. It comes with the features to track inventory, accounting, sales and employee management in addition to offering various payment methods.

Mobile POS software: This kind of POS system is usually designed for small businesses with lesser functionality. It offers the functionality on smartphones and tablets. One of the drawbacks is that many features such as HR and accounting are not compatible with mobile POS software.

Self-service POS software: It is the kind of software that does not need employees to operate it. It is most commonly used to power autonomous solutions such as self-checkout kiosks of grocery stores. You can get this software is you cannot afford to have employees or need to stay free from the troubles of employee management.

Components of POS hardware

Any kind of POS software needs some basic hardware to carry out the operations and functions. The needs of hardware depend upon the type of business and the kind of POS software you are going for.

POS terminals: This is the tool that simplifies the transaction process both for the employees and the customers. This makes basic transaction possible and are best for large companies and big businesses.

Tablets and smartphones: If you are choosing mobile POS system, then this is an essential component to operate the POS system correctly. These are mostly needed for small business and do not work properly for bigger companies.

Other hardware components include printers, scanners, drawers and much more. They depend upon the needs of the business and the needs of the POS software you are opting for.

Choose the retail POS system that works well with the hardware components you already possess, is easy to use for your employees and understandable for the customers. Going for complex systems need a lot of employee training and trouble for the customers. Choose our MPos system and make your business simplified for your employees and customers.