Our clients consider us to be partners and advisors rather than simple EPOS suppliers. We help businesses to get more from their shop while cutting their stress levels at the same time.

Fahim Baqir

Supersave, cambuslang

Running the shop used to be stressful until I installed MPOS. The shop is now automated and causing me alot less hassle! This leaves me to concentrate on my Charity work without worrying about the shop.

Omar Nasir

Spar, Digbys

Switching to MPOS was the easiest thing I did. My system was preloaded with my stock file with everything at my prices so as soon as we switched everything was scanning at the right price! I particularly enjoy SuperPLOF, even if something isn’t in my product files, it still scans and sells the products at the right price!

Adnan Ghaffar

ghaffar’s londis

I was dreading the chaos that we might have had when we switched to Londis. Thankfully the MPOS support team managed the supplier change for me, updated all the price file in my system and within one hour I was ready to order from Londis. Overall I would recommend the system because its simple to use and the MPOS team are extremely helpful.